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The love of flavours is what makes our world go round. We constantly seek to include new and innovative flavours and ingredients into our range. Taste is something we are passionate about! So preparing and serving a full flavour explosion for your tastebuds it what keeps us grinding and blending our fresh ingredients to create out magical flavours. Shakeit, Grindit or Drizzleit…….We assure you that’s it’s not Rocket Science.

Koop  Spiceologist aanlyn en gebruik die Lekker Kampplekke Coupon Kode “Lekkerkamp” en kry 10% af op al jou aankope


From a spit-roasted lamb, to tjoppies on the braai, LAMB…ORGINI is a taste sensation not to be missed. The Spiceologist lab have created an exceptional blend of herbs and spices and, designed to complement your lamb and mutton dishes. These come together to create a taste profile which is mild, yet distinctive and deliciously flavourful. Guaranteed to redeem any “black sheep of the family” at braai time!

You going to love the blend that makes up the SPG Combination, grinding a mix of Himalayan Salt, Madagascar Black & Red pepper corns, Crushed and Flaked Garlic. These blend of simple flavours amp up any dish to create a flavour profile that is Salt Pepper and Garlic.

Product Details
1. SPG Salt, Pepper & Garlic Grinder – 200g
2. Bull Dust Beef Grinder – 200g
3. Lamb…orgini Lamb Grinder – 150g
4. Mud Rub Pork Grinder – 200g
5. Mother Clucker Chicken Grinder – 200g
6. Team TF Fish & Veggie Grinder – 150g
7. Bull Dust Beef Rub – 250g
8. Lamb…orgini Lamb Rub – 250g
9. Mud Rub Spice Rub – 250g
10. Mother Clucker Chicken Rub – 250g
11. Team TF Fish & Veggie Rub – 250g