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  • Protea Coffee

Protea Coffee

Protea Coffee was established in 2017, following the trendy and very popular Japanese style drip bag filter coffee.

“Our single serve drip filters are biodegradable and our pure ground filter coffee is sourced locally with origins from Africa and South America. Simply tear off the perforated filter tab, hang paper ears over your mug and pour hot water into the filter. No machine or press needed for the perfect cuppa. Drip coffee is portable, convenient and you can take it anywhere.

Our drip coffee comes freshly packed in pouches of 15 single servings.
Two single-serve drip filters are also available in smaller travel packs, ideal for the outdoors, office, travel and hospitality industry.

All of our coffees are medium/strong blends and can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Protea Coffee

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Protea Coffee

We all loved the concept of this little filter (with pre-ground coffee in) that hangs over your cup and makes a single serving filter coffee.

No fuss, no gadgets AND it’s biodegradable!