KSC Portables

KSC Portables

KSC Portables are compact in shape and easy to set- & pack-up. Everything fits inside, so no need for carrying your cooking utensils and grid separately,  just fold it up and go! The rectangular shape makes it convenient to fit & pack in or on your vehicle. It’s easy to use and even easier to clean. All our braai’s and accessories are suited to WOOD & CHARCOAL fires and perfect for eco-sensitive area’s. After a braai, no need to dump, take your ash with you, just fold up the legs and slide on the lid – the ash stays inside! Great for a day at the rugby or a month on the road, it’s up to you where you’re going to fold & go!


Sales & Marketing: Suzaan Carmichael
Cellphone: +27 (0) 83 234 9456
E-mail: suzaan@kscportables.com
Physical Address:
Please contact prior to driving through to arrange for product viewing.
Montague Gardens
Cape Town

Operating hours:
Monday to Thursday from 08:00am – 16:00pm
Friday from 08:00am – 13:00pm


When are you closed for business during the year?
Sales: Weekends, Public Holidays and December Holidays.
Manufacturing: End May to End August and December Holidays.

Distribution area?
– We are able to deliver orders of full KSC Braai Sets within a 10 km radius of our factory.
– We make use of a reliable courier to deliver orders to areas outside of our delivery range.
– Please note that all courier costs are for clients own account.

Do you have pre-made stock available?
– We carry a limited stock of portable braai’s and braai accessories on our floor at any time, but are able to assist within short notice should we find ourselves not able to meet your requirement.

Do you offer a guarantee on your products?
– Yes, we offer a 1 year repair guarantee on our KSC Portable items during which we will fix anything, related to faulty workmanship or unusual ‘wear and tear’ AND all KSC Braai’s come with a LIFELONG once-a-year buffing service.

How do I clean my KSC Braai Portables?
– For a light mess warm water and cloth to wipe.
– For a sticky or burnt-in mess use Sunlight Liquid, warm water and Scotch Brite (the rough dark green part on standard green kitchen sponges) to scrub.
– NB: When using Scotch Brite always clean/rub with the grain of the steel to avoid scratching the steel.