Katu Vellies

Katu Vellies – Jou ma het jou reg groot gemaak, Die vellies word gemaak van volgraan leer. Dit is die beste kwaliteit leer wat die langste hou.

A great pair of Katu Vellies is more than just a pair of shoes. They are a companion on the road and a catalyst for new experiences. Our shoes are not cookie cutter clones made in a factory, they are unique and original, made with love right here in South Africa. By supporting local artisans you help create jobs and improve the lives of fellow South Africans.

Our mission is to add value to everyone who interacts with our brand, from the individuals who make our shoes to the end-user who wears them.

To build a sustainable future products should last a long time and not clutter a landfill, which is why we use sustainable materials and processes to craft our shoes. The leather we use is quality full-grain leather that will make your vellies tough and durable. The vegetable dye technique we use is natural and no nasty chemicals will pollute the environment.

We believe in co-creation and the power of people who work together for a common good. Join our community of likeminded vellies lovers.

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