A rugged, yet luxurious and comfortable experience. Made easier and smoother with ELXV’s exceptionally high standards. Enjoy the finer things in life in the most isolated parts of the world.

ELXV’s innovative designs, married to the most rugged of chassis.
The Iveco Daily 4×4.
Meticulously manufactured and fitted with the finest gadgetry and furnishings for the ultimate adventure off the beaten track, in utmost luxury.

AVAILABLE IN 5.0  (2 sleeper)


The ELXV range allows you to overcome the most gruelling of African terrains, effortlessly. Climb and rumble across the most desolate valleys. Master the steepest slopes.

A robust, lightweight and groundbreaking body and the AL-KO Enduro X suspension takes the insatiable explorer on the ultimate bush camping adventure. Overcome the most gruelling of African terrains, effortlessly.

AVAILABLE IN 3.7 | 4.2 | 4.7

With the AL-KO rubberised suspension system, our adventurers can stay on-road or go lightly off-road. Made to follow as you explore.


ELXV Off-Road