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Coolking kampkroeg kan opvou en aan enige platfrom heg, Bakkie, Karavaan, muur by huis en meer. Hy vou op en is skaars 3kg. Vat tot 6 glase, shooters, drank bottels, ‘n ys cooler, tafel, bottel oopmaker en baie meer.
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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to make?

7-14 Working days lead time. It takes about 2 days to make but we need to compensate for strikes, electricity outages and more variables.

Is it water proof?

It is water & dust proof. Except the zip on the outside. The stitching inside is lifted from the bottom so no blood/liquid will go in. Al silver and green materials on the cooler are waterproof.

How do I clean the bag?

Every bag comes with a sheet/lining in the inside. Items should be placed inside; the lining will absorb some of the blood. Excess blood can be removed with a soft wet cloth. Leave the bag open to dry completely before stored.

Can I carry the cooler with items inside?

No, the cooler is made for storage only not for carrying.

How do the bakkie/trailer attach?

• Bakkies

If your bakkie have lacing hooks on the side the top of the bag will have bungee cord that you can attach to the side. If your bakkie does not have lacing hooks, no attachment will be used. The cooler has a lot of insulation inside to stands on its own.

• Trailer

We can use c-bar rails inside, your bag will then simply slide in. The attachments are not a must, it’s just much easier and faster to install without them.

How long will it keep my meat cold?

Up to 2 days when you follow our advice. Place frozen 2 litre and other bottles in and between the carcasses for the extra-long trips.

How big is the cooler?

We custom make them, so we can do most shapes and sizes.

Do you keep stock

No, we make according to your measurements. We do have some standard sizes form time to time.

Do you hire out bags?

Yes, on condition that your order is already in. If you only want one to hire a fee of R100 per day must be paid.

What colours do it come in?

It only comes in Olive for the bakkies & trailers, other coolers come in the following colours:

Navy, Woodlands camo, khaki and grey.