CJ Aircons (PTY) Ltd

Caravan Aircons, Ewik Caravan Movers, Purple Quatrro Mover, Caravan Spare Wheel Brackets, Rear View Cameras, Supply, Fitments and related services. On site installations. Over 17 years of experience. CJ Aircons (PTY) Ltd is well known in the market and with Caravan Dealers.

CJ Aircons (PTY) Ltd

The Trusted Air-conditioning and installations company.
In 2012 Jacques and Cindy met and got married 30 April, 2013 – it was love at first sight. And the new name CJ Aircons (PTY) Ltd was established. Together we make a team in faith, love, hope and integrity.

With over 17 years’ experience, Jacques know all makes of Caravan models by heart and can provide professional service and installations at your premises.

Our Clients and back up service is our main focus and a priority.

Our client mean the world and must always be treated like kings. “Happy client – happy Jacques and Cindy”.

Our installations are pure perfection and quality proven. Cindy also comes out of the Caravan industry and that’s why our team is so powerfull!

You most probably have seen our CJ Aircons (PTY) Ltd company sticker on a lot of compressor unit in a caravan nose-compartments at a camp site – have a good look and you will see thousands of them!

We fully understand the Caravan Industry together with the demand and needs of a camper. We are campers ourselves and love the outdoor life.
We are the proud owners of our own 2016 Sprite Sprint with our own Aircon in it – What a pleasure! We have heat when it’s cold and cold when it’s too hot to handle!

To all our loyal clients over the years – we would like to use this opportunity to thank you for all your loyal support!