BorderX Caravan Range!

Are you ready for the ultimate off-road adventure? Look no further than BorderX, where we bring you three exceptional caravan models designed to conquer any terrain and provide you with the ultimate camping experience. Let’s dive into the incredible features of each model:

BorderX Extreme:

The BorderX Extreme is the perfect companion for your off-road excursions. This compact, single-axle caravan is built to handle tough challenges while offering a comfortable space for 2-3 people. With a net weight of 920kg and a GVM of 1300kg/1600kg.

BorderX Outpost:

For those seeking a bit more space and versatility, the BorderX Outpost is the ideal choice. This single-axle caravan is one meter larger than the Extreme model, offering more layout possibilities and space for 2-5 sleepers with a full bathroom or wet room, depending on layout. With its spacious interior and smart storage solutions, you can enjoy maximum comfort and convenience during your off-road adventures. With a net weight of 1300kg and a GVM of 1800kg.

BorderX Expedition:

If you’re looking for the ultimate in size and luxury, the BorderX Expedition is the perfect match. This double-axle caravan offers even more layout options and can comfortably accommodate 2-6 sleepers. It can even offer a 5 sleeper with full bathroom! With a net weight of 1650kg and a GVM of 2000kg/2100kg/2200kg.

Key Features of BorderX Caravans:

  • Off-road suspension system: Enjoy superior handling and stability with our heavy-duty stainless steel 3Cr12 suspension system.

Robust and insulated construction:

Our caravans are built to withstand tough conditions, with reinforced chassis, body panels, and weather-resistant coatings. The honeycomb sandwich panels provide excellent insulation properties for comfort in any weather.

Spacious interior: Despite their rugged exterior, our caravans offer ample living and storage space, ensuring you have everything you need for a comfortable adventure.

State-of-the-art amenities: Each caravan is equipped with modern amenities, including a fully-equipped kitchen, full bathroom, and a big king-size extra length bed for a good night’s sleep.

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As an outdoor oriented family, our mission is never to spend to much time in one place.  We wanted a home we could set-up within minutes, with little effort. It had to be spacious for a family of 4, give us a comfortable luxury feel, and still take us anywhere.  Like our motto says: Anywhere is awesome.

So we thought:  Way not really make this a way of life. We have an awesome product, lets sell it to awesome adventurers.